CAO Overview

The CAO was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in July 2016. It is anticipated that CAO will be designated as an administrative authority in 2017, at which time it will begin operating. As an administrative authority, it is governed by an independent board of directors, and is a self-funded body.

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Board of Directors

Learn more about the people who are involved and part of the CAO team. This includes the Board of Directors, Tribunal Advisors, Tribunal Reference Group and our staff.

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Tribunal Advisors

The CAO has engaged the following advisors to provide expertise and guidance in establishing and developing the Condominium Authority Tribunal’s online operations, practices and procedures.

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CAO Team

The CAO Board of Directors has retained an interim Executive Director and a small implementation team to work in partnership with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Service’s Policy, Planning and Oversight Division to plan and build the key functions and services of the organization. Some members of the team are shared with the CMRAO implementation team.

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Condominium Authority Tribunal

Once it is designated, the CAO will oversee the establishment of the Tribunal, which will help to resolve issues using online guided pathways of information and where necessary through a collaborative tool that will offer guided negotiation, mediation and adjudication.

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Due to the growth and change in Ontario's condo sector over the past few decades, in 2012, Ontario announced a review of its condo law, the Condominium Act.

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